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Chair: David Piotrowski
Vice-Chair: JB Ihn
 Secretary: Maire-Anne DeSmet

September 10-12th, 2023  Hybrid Meeting
Co-located with IWSHM
Crowne Plaza
Palo Alto, CA
September 10-12, 2023

All times listed are in Pacific US Time

NOTE:  Sessions on Sunday (all day), Sept 10th, and Monday (all day), Sept 11th will be available on Teams.  Log In Details can be found on the last page of the document below.

AISC meeting notice:

AISC Meeting Schedule

Full AISC Meeting Schedule Can be Downloaded From Below:

AISC Day 1

8:00 am
Arrival & setup
8:30 am
Welcome and Introductions
(David Piotrowski - Delta TechOps)

  • Attendance & new member introductions
  • Meeting rules
  • Review    of    the    SAE    Anti-Trust,    Patent Disclosure and IP Statements
  • Roster update status, New members

    9:00 am
    Membership (Marie-Anne DeSmet, Dfinder, Kevin Bires, SAE)

  • Review candidates for membership
  • Revise member status as appropriate

9:10 am
Review of the Minutes from the last Meeting (Marie-Anne DeSmet, Dfinder)

  • Revise (if necessary) the minutes for record / publication on SAE Standards Works (no discussions on action / pending items)

9:15 am
Review Open Action Items from previous meetings (Marie-Anne DeSmet, Dfinder)

  • (No discussions on action / pending items)

9:30 am
SE-POD working group update (Fernando Dotta - Embraer, Nicholas Dominguez, Airbus Commercial- Focal Point SHM)
10:00 am
10:30 am
Document Session - ARP6821 ‘'Guidance for Assessing the Damage Detection Capability of SHM (Dennis Roach - DR Engineering LLC & Paul Swindell - Diakon Solutions)
11:15 am
Statistician Session (Peter Parker – NASA)     

  • SE-POD
  • ARP6821 review
  • Others

12:00 noon
Lunch break
1:30 pm
Overview:  NASA White Paper
(David Piotrowski - Delta TechOps, Peter Parker – NASA, Christopher Teubert – NASA)

  • An Analysis of Barriers Preventing the Widespread Adoption of Predictive and Prescriptive Maintenance in Aviation

1:45 pm 
G-11PMUQ Probabilistic Methods and Uncertainty Quantification Methods (Pete Carini - Collins, Michael Gorelik – FAA) 
 NASA white paper 
 Missing data  
2:00 pm
Brief from the FAA Tech Center (Danielle Stephens - FAA)  
2:30 pm
FAA R&D Idea Solicitation (All)  
2:45 pm
Liaison Activities (David Piotrowski)

A4A NDT Forum
AC 43-218
FAA SHM Issue Paper
CBM Conference 2024
EWSHM 2024
IVHM Steering Group
SAE ARP 7122 (HM-1)
Articles & Books
3:15 pm
3:45 pm
Document Session:  HM-1 Document AIR6970 Atmospheric Corrosion Monitoring (Fritz Friedersdorf – Luna Labs Inc)
4:00 pm
Document Session: HM-1 Document ARP7122 (David Piotrowski)
4:15 pm
Document Session: Reliability in the frame of SHMonitoring and SHManagement (Marie-Anne DESMET - Dfinder)
5:00 pm
6:00 pm
Group dinner (TBD)

AISC Day 2

8:00 am
Arrival & setup
8:30 am
Document Session:  AIR7160 SHM Gap Analysis (Matthias Buderath - Airbus)
9:30 am
Airbus applications (Emmanuel Ganne, Airbus Commercial - Customer Support; Aurélien Rautureau, Airbus Commercial - NDT Engineering)

  • AHM Focal group
  • Use-cases and deployment strategy

10:00 am
10:30 am
Embraer – New Technology (Fernando Dotta – Embraer)
Structural Health Monitoring With Augmented Reality For Aircraft Maintenance
11:15 am
Industry Outreach (Paul Swindell - Diakon Solutions)
Training (FAA)
12:00 noon 
Lunch break   
1:30 pm 
SE-POD/MAPOD Paul Swindell - Diakon Solutions)
3:00 pm
3:30 pm 
AISC-SHM Charter:  Proposed Revision(s) (David Piotrowski, Delta)
4:00 pm
Next meetings (JB Ihn, Boeing) 
2024 Spring
2024 Fall
2025 Spring
4:30 pm
Action items & Voting Discussion (Marie-Anne DeSmet, Dfinder)
5:00 pm
Joint AISC-IWSHM Reception (Crowne Plaza)

AISC Day 3

Joint Session with IWSHM
8:00 am
Arrival & Setup & Registration
8:20 am
Opening Remarks
Dr. Fu-Kuo Chang
8:30 am
IWSHM Keynotes: 
Steve Chisholm (Boeing Vice President and Chief Engineer for Mechanical and Structural Engineering)  = “An airframer’s perspective on SHM opportunities and challenges for commercial airplanes” 
Dimitrios Zarouchas (Delft University of Technology) = “Structural Health Monitoring – The key enabler of Condition Based Maintenance in aviation”   Anton Norberg Vooren (Chief Engineer of Norwegian Defence Material Agency) = “Fielding a SHM system on an aging military aircraft”
10:00 am
10:20 am
IWSHM Opening Panel: SHM Perspectives from Commercial Aviation Regulators and Operators: A Panel Discussion

 David Piotrowski, Delta Air Lines, Atlanta, GA, USA
David Piotrowski, Delta Air Lines, Atlanta, GA, USA
Dr. Michael Gorelik, Federal Aviation Administration, Scottsdale, AZ, USA
Ivan Li, Federal Aviation Administration, Des Moines, WA, USA
Simon Waite, European Union Aviation Safety Agency, Cologne, Germany
Rafael Foltran, Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil, Sao Jose dos Campo, Brazil
Dr. JB Ihn, Boeing, Seattle, WA, USA
Nicolas Dominguez, Airbus, Toulouse, France
Fernando Dotta, Embraer, Sao Jose dos Campo, Brazil