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AISC 2023

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Welcome to SAE: AISC-SHM website!

SAE: AISC-SHM Meeting Date: September 10-12, 2023

SAE: AISC-SHM Meeting Place: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Palo Alto, CA.


The Aim and Objective of SAE: AISC-SHM (Aerospace Industry Steering Committee- Structural Health Monitoring): 

The aim of the SAE: AISC-SHM is to formulate a collective view of the way forward for the practice of Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) and its impact on the management of structural health. The committee will plot a course to efficiently and effectively implement the technology in a wide variety of commercial and military aerospace applications. This will be achieved by the development of standards, procedures, processes, and guidelines for implementation and certification.  The mission of the SAE: AISC-SHM is to provide an approach for standardizing integration and certification requirements for SHM of aerospace structures, which will include system maturation, maintenance, supportability, upgrades, and expansion.

To fulfill its mission, the SAE: AISC-SHM committee will convene working groups (initially with respect to commercial aviation) and involve all necessary organizations to carry out the following:

1. Review the anticipated impact of SHM on qualification and certification processes and procedures for various regulatory agencies such as the FAA and EASA.

2. Develop guidelines for use by regulatory agencies to generate new or revised certification requirements (including advisory materials).

3. Review existing scheduled/unscheduled maintenance and structural inspection practices/processes and identify opportunities for implementation of SHM.

4. Set Guidelines for developing standards for assessing the reliability and maintainability of SHM.

5. Engage technology suppliers in identifying gaps in current capability and the means to bridge them.

6. Evaluate and recommend changes to structural design practices to identify opportunities for implementation of SHM.

7. Standardize terms for SHM and initiate a "dictionary".

8. Promote utilization of SHM.

9. Promote participation of industry/government organizations.