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The registration for IWSHM 2023 workshop is now open. To reserve your space, please register your organization by filling out the registration form. Please follow the below link to register for the exhibition:

Link: Exhibition Registration

IWSHM 2023 Exhibitor

Company NameDescriptionCompany Logo
Delft University of TechnologyTop education and research are at the heart of the oldest and largest technical university in the Netherlands. Our 8 faculties offer 16 bachelor's and more than 30 master's programmes. Our more than 25,000 students and 6,000 employees share a fascination for science, design and technology. Our common mission: impact for a better society.
Redondo OpticsRedondo Optics would present our existing line of fiber optic sensor products and new product solutions for SHM
Acellent Technologies Acellent Technologies is the global leader in Structural Health Monitoring (SHM), connecting physical assets to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in order to provide automated inspection and continuous real-time monitoring of their condition.
Timezyx Inc.Timezyx set out to develop Digital Twin technologies to enhance infrastructures’ resilience under extreme climate conditions. Timezyx's aim is to facilitate adapting the built environment to widespread and severe climate change fallouts. Our goal is to predict the response of infrastructure when subjected to episodes of extreme climatic events, such as floods, hurricanes and earthquakes, and enable infrastructure owners to manage the built environment in an effective way. 
Center for Intelligent InfrastructureFounded on September 1, 2019, the CII is a Missouri S&T research center that crosses the boundary of academic departments and provides sustained administrative support to the operation of externally-funded centers, including the five-year INSPIRE University Transportation Center (UTC) and Missouri S&T part of the Mid-America Transportation Center (MATC). Funded by the U.S. Department of Transportation, the INSPIRE
UTC grant (2016-2022, ~$1.4M/year) and the MATC subcontract (2016-2022, ~$0.465M/year) are focused on the inspection, maintenance, and safety of transportation infrastructure. 
SHM System / Nerve-SensorsWe provide products for Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) in the construction industry sector. We have invented the world’s first composite DFOS sensors, which have already been applied in many proven industrial and R&D applications.
Structures and Composites LabIntegrating sensing, computing, and energy storage, the Stuctures and Composites Lab (SACL) is developing multi-functional energy storage composite materials (MESC) for future electric vehicles. SACL is part of the Aeronautics & Astronautics Department at Stanford University. SACL group specializes in the areas of multi-functional materials and intelligent structures with particular emphases on structural health monitoring, intelligent self-sensing diagnostics, and multifunctional energy storage composites for transportation vehicles as well as safety-critical assets and medical devices.SACL
KinemetricsSince 1969, Kinemetrics and its subsidiaries and its partners have been the global market leaders in designing technologies, products, and solutions for monitoring earthquakes and their effects on people and structures. Many of our products are the de facto world's standards, to which other products are compared. Globally recognized, Kinemetrics is the most trusted and the preferred partner for those who seek actionable solutions for taking seismic research and seismic resilience further and faster.
Structures as Sensors Lab at Stanford UniversityStructures as Sensors Lab is a research laboratory directed by Prof. Hae Young Noh from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University. Traditionally, structures that we inhabit (such as buildings or vehicles) are considered passive and unchanging objects that we need to monitor and control, utilizing a dense set of sensors to collect information. This has often been complicated by “noise” caused by the occupants and environments. Our lab utilizes this “noise” to empower the structures with the ability to perceive and understand the information about users and surroundings using their responses, and actively adopt and/or interact to enhance their sustainability and the occupants’ quality of life.Structures as Sensors
Testia/Airbus Defence and SpaceThe exhibition presents a sspecific development, implementation, testing and demonstration of the Damage Detection Structural Health Monitoring (DD-SHM) System for a functional flight demonstration part of anIntegrated Structural and System Health Management The development builds the foundation of future SHM assistance systems by developing an E2E functional chain and performing on-board flight demonstration. The role of Damage Detection - SHM [DD-SHM] within an Integrated Structural and System Health Management. In-flight, on-board Data collections, Impact and damage monitoring to provide component state awareness,In-flight, on-board Health Assessment including the assessment of the consequence of damage, Support to In-flight, on-board reasoning  for mission- and maintenance operation decision making
Smart Informax Laboratory at Purdue UniversityAt Smart Informatix Laboratory, we pride ourselves on our deep proficiency in vision-based techniques, complemented by our prowess in vibration-based approaches. Fueled by AI and data analytics, we are reshaping structural health monitoring (SHM) – a foundation for sustainable infrastructure. Some of our innovative solutions encompass robotic inspections and reconnaissance, autonomous crowdsourced road assessments, flood risk mitigation via Google Street View images, and extraterrestrial habitat health monitoring. While we champion both vision and vibration SHM techniques, our distinct edge in vision-based methodologies places us at the forefront of resilient infrastructure development.
Bridge Diagnostics, IncSince 1989, Bridge Diagnostics, Inc has been the premier provider of diagnostic testing, monitoring, and nondestructive evaluation services around the world. We have achieved this status by relying on the professional experience and constant advancement of our approximately 70 employees with expertise that ranges from civil/structural engineering, data analysis, electrical engineering, instrument development, and safety.

The focus of the workshop is to promote applications of SHM technologies and to encourage interaction between industry and academia. We place significant emphasis on industrial applications including aerospace, ground transportation systems, and civil infrastructures.

 The package includes:
• Lunches
• Networking BBQ
• Exhibitor listed on final program and website.
• Booth size: TBD, around 10’x10’
• Table size: 3’x8’
• Chairs: 2
• Internet availability
• Note: Exhibition is outdoors in shaded area. However, please expect and prepare for slightly windy conditions.
120V/5A power will be provided. If you are bringing large equipment, please contact us first.

You will need to provide a brief description of your display or demonstration. 

Exhibition Registration Rates
Company Exhibition Package (includes one personal registration)*$3,000.00
* Company and institute packages include registration for the workshop and BBQ dinner, proceedings of IWSHM 2023 (download through a link), and come with a 10’X10’ space and one table. 
Company Exhibition Additional Person Fee$850.00
Institute Exhibition Package (includes one personal registration)$1,200.00
Institute Exhibition Additional Person Fee$850.00

Exhibition Map

The numbers in the above picture correspond in the following way (the exhibitors are assigned as follows):

1.     Redondo Optics
2.     BDI
3.     Timezyx
4.     Kinemetrics
5.     SHM System Nerve Sensors
6.     Testia/Airbus
7.     Acellent
8.     SACL
9.     Delft University
10.  Center for Intelligent Infrastructures
11.  Structures as sensors at Stanford
12.  Smart Informax Laboratory at Purdue


Previous Exhibitors